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The Solomiya Krushelnytska
Musical Memorial Museum in Lviv

The Solomiya Krushelnytska Musical Memorial Museum in Lviv was established in 1991. The museum exposition is located on the second floor in 23 Krushelnytska Street. From 1903 to 1939, the singer was the owner of that house. Original photographs, playbills, programs, epistolary materials, scenic costumes fragments, Solomiya Krushelnytskas personal belongings are exhibited in seven exposition rooms with recreated interior of the beginning of the last century. The museum excursion is a kind of a trip during which you will visit Solomiya Krushelnytskas artistic world, follow her life journey, her success on the most prestigious world stages, get to know her friends and family.

The Museum archive collection contains not only the archive materials of S.Krushelnytska, but also original commemorations related to other famous Ukrainian musical figures. Among them: private archives of singers Modest Mentsynsky, Mykhaylo Golynsky, Odarka Bandrivska, Nina Shevchenko, Myroslav Scala-Starytsky, Ivanna Synenka-Ivanytska, pianist Lubka Kolessa, violinist Yuri Krykh, collector Yaroslav Hrytsai, arts critic Ivan Derkach. The Museum archives are the inexhaustible scientific information source of not only Ukrainian, but also foreign musical culture.

In 1995 the Museum opened its branch, the Stanislav Lyudkevych Memorial Museum, located in the house of this famous Ukrainian composer, musicologist, and teacher.

The S. Krushelnytska Musical Memorial Museum is an important centre of the Lviv musical life. A special artistic atmosphere prevailing in the Museum could be due to the invisible presence of the Mistress of the house. Numerous concerts, memorial evenings, topical exhibitions in the Museum Musical lounge have great popularity among Lviv musical art admirers. Scientific readings with famous Ukrainian and foreign musicologists are conducted every year on the singers birthday and commemoration day. Concerts Young Musicians to the Great Solomiya of the students of the Lviv specialized music boarding school named after S. Krushelnytska have also become a good tradition.

The museum is taking part in conducting Solomiya Krushelnytska international festivals and competitions of the opera art, which take place at the Lviv Opera and Ballet Theatre. Scientists are effectively cooperating with the musicology section of the T.Shevchenko scientific society, Prosvita society, the M.Lysenko Lviv Musical Academy, the drama studies department of the I.Franko Lviv National University, Ukrainian foreign scientific institutions and tourist agencies.

Information for visitors

The S.Krushelnytska Musical Memorial Museum 
79000, Lviv, 23 S.Krushelnytska Street 
Tel: 38(032)261-04-76, tel/fax: 261-04-74
E-mail: [email protected] 
The Museum exposition is opened daily: 10 am-5 pm Day-off: Tuesday

Affiliated branch: The Stanislav Lyudkevych Memorial Museum

79011, Lviv, 7 S.Lyudkevych Street 
Tel: 38(032)276-96-12 
Day-off: Tuesday 
Entrance and excursions only by preliminary arrangement.